!ARMForth32 on the Raspberry PI, ARMini(X) and Iyonix 

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More Information on Forth

Useful websites:

http://roevalley.com/newsbrowser/index.htmFor interesting software for RiscOS and PI
www.tankstage.co.uk/Software.htmlTo download 'GPIO' module for PI and ARMini
www.forth.orgForth User Group
http://en.wikipedia.org/Forth_(programming_language)Further explanation of the Forth language

Useful books:

Starting Forth by Leo Brodie ISBN 0-13-842922-7
Also available as a free download from Forth, Inc at www.forth.com

Thinking Forth by Leo Brodie ISBN 0-13-917568-7
Also available from Amazon via Punchy Publishing 0-9764587-0-5

Forth Programmer's Handbook by Elizabeth D. Rather ISBN 0-9662156-0-5
Available to purchase from Forth, Inc at www.forth.com

Scientific Forth by Julian V. Noble ISBN 0-9632775-0-2
Difficult to find a copy, but plans are afoot to make it available online


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